Contact Details
  • Reach out to us through the following means; We will be happy to address your inquiries.
  • Address:Rua Bebonuk, 20 de Setembru, Dom-Aleixo, Dili, Timor-Lese
  • Phone:+670 33 22 062
  • Mobile/Whatsapp:+67077337722

Business Hours

  • Monday to Friday:
    8AM to 12PM
    2PM to    5PM
  • Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays: closed

Public Holidays 2022

Date Day Occasion
January 1st Saturday New Years's Days
March 3 Thursday Veteran's Day
April 15 Friday Saint Friday
May 1 Sunday International Labor Day
May 2 Monday Eid al-Fitr*
May 20 Friday Restoration of Independence
June 16 Thursday Festa do Corpo de Deus*
July 9 Saturday Idul Adha*
August 30 Tuesday Dia da Consulta Popular
November 1 Tuesday Dia de Todos os Santos
November 2 Wednesday Dia de Todos os Fiéis Defuntos
November 12 Saturday National youth Day
November 28 Monday Independence Day
December 7 Wednesday Memorial Day
December 8 Thursday Dia de Nossa Senhora da Imaculada Conceição
December 25 Sunday Christmas Day
December 31 Saturday National Heroes Day

Public holidays marked with * are variable holidays.