History timeline of Kaebauk

2001 Tuba Rai Metin History
Tuba Rai Metin Founded

Tuba Rai Metin started in 2001 as a Microfinance Program of "Save the Children USA". The Objective was to improve the livelihood of women and poor families through financial services. The program initially only offered one product, a group loan, which provided between $50 and $100 for each group member. 

2002 Tuba Rai Metin History
The Micro credit Program transferred to Catholic Relief Services

In 2002, management of the micro-credit program was transferred to CRS and the program was then expanded to Baucau District. In 2002, CRS formally registered the program as an MFI under the brand of Tuba Rai Metin or TRM, which in English literally means ‘stand firmly on the ground’.

2006-2007 Tuba Rai Metin History
Civil Unrest in Timor-Leste

The impact of the crisis on TRM was also profound. Our Executive Director decided to take refuge in Australia, which resulted in CRS losing its confidence in the rest of the team and deeming the ongoing operation of TRM to be financially unviable.

The new Executive Director, Sr Angelo Soares introduced many strategies to overcome obstacles at that time; one was that He had to force a large reduction of the operations. He even went on as far as asking the staff members to work without salary for a few months.

2009 Tuba Rai Metin History
Partnership with UNCDF through BASIX

TRM started its partnership with UNCDF through BASIX, an experienced m i c r o f i n a n c e institution from India. As a result of this partnership, both institutions appointed a technical advisor to assist us in improving our microcredit program. The partnership was significantly beneficial and, in 2010, we started to offer various types of individual loans, including products for agriculture, small businesses and consumption loans such as housing, vehicle and education loans. In the same year, after ODTI regulations were developed by BCTL and it became mandatory for every microfinance institution to be regulated, TRM started the process of becoming eligible for an ODTI license.